Apartment-Sized Appliances: Finding the Right Compact Appliances for Small Spaces

Small apartments and condos are the coziest forms of housing, but when it comes to making it your own, that’s where it begins to get tricky. There are several structural hurtles you need to jump over to find creative solutions … Continued

How To Build Your Dream Kitchen For Less

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Such is life that having big dreams usually requires a big dream budget, especially whenever you’re looking to build your perfect celebrity chef inspired kitchen. Big ticket items like Bertazzoni Ranges and Miele ovens are worth every penny when it … Continued

Compliment Your Appliances With Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertops

Ninotchka Beavers is an accomplished artist, author and photographer in Dallas, TX. She loves cooking, party planning and kitchen design, and her famous Elmo cupcakes have been featured on WomansDay.com. Google+   Let’s forget for a moment that stainless steel … Continued

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